BrooksWare offers the complete image at an affordable price-point.With a focus on comfort, qualityand style BrooksWare is Classic Clothing & Haircuts 
for OUR Generation


About Our Company

Brooks Ware, Founder

I have been a licensed barber and hairstylist for over 10 years. Put simply, barbering and hairstyling, as a profession, has always had deep roots in my family and once I became licensed, I soon found it to be my passion. I love artistry and to create using a person's crown as my canvas. 

Barbering and my desire to create, in many ways, directed me to the fashion industry and to provide quality clothing at great prices through BrooksWare clothing. 

It is my dream to see everyone look and feel their best and I believe BrooksWare Clothing and Cut's is the way to achieve this for our generation.